Hillary Clinton Delusional on Email Scandal, Blames Republicans

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Hillary Clinton claims she has provided more transparency and information than anyone who’s ever served in government.

There is only so much I can control but what I have tried to do in explaining this is to provide more transparency and more information than anybody I am aware of than anyone who is ever served in the government and I am happy to do that because I want these questions to be answered.

Yes, you read that correctly - more than anyone who’s ever served in government. 

Of course, she then went on to try and shift the blame to Republicans.

I can’t predict you what the Republican will come up with what kind of charges or claims they might make – I have not control over that.


Yet, Clinton could not guarantee that the FBI will not find any emails on her private server that will require further explanation on her part.

Why? Because she wasn’t involved in the review of the emails - that was the responsibility of her attorneys.

One thing is clear, Hillary is not admitting to doing anything wrong while the slow drip of evidence over time illustrates a different conclusion.