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Tough questions: killings today & 50 years ago

Tough questions on killings today and 50 years ago. Is the military responsible for the recent killings of uniformed police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. And a look back at the American attitude towards violence, Richard Speck, White Flight and racism By Ray Hanania July 21, 2016. As a veteran who served active duty during the Vietnam War, and who wore a uniform proudly for more than…

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Restore confidence to save Illinois

Raising taxes in Illinois isn’t the solution to the state’s dire financial mess. And raising taxes on the retirement pensions of senior citizens, proposed by the Civic Federation, is typical of the why Illinois is in trouble. The Illinois Sinkhole needs a systemic change, and that means creating more jobs, giving consumers better salaries to spend more and, yes, lowering taxes By Ray Hanania Laurence…