Seen on American Daily News: Trump Could Be Speaker (Sort of)

With news of John Boehner stepping down as Speaker of the House at the end of October, speculation has exploded of who will be the next leader of Congresslower chamber. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-California) appears to be the odds-on favorite to win a promotion from House Majority Leader, but another odd name has appeared in the discussion. Donald Trump.

According to American Daily News, Trump could legally become the next speaker if he were to win enough votes in the House.

“All that is required to become speaker is to be chosen by the House of Representatives,” the opinion column states. “In theory, anyone in the United States, or the world, could achieve the top spot in the lower chamber of Congress. That means Trump needs to be buddying up with a couple hundred of his closest friends in Washington. He has publicly stated that elected officials have done many things for him because he gives them millions of dollars. Instead of spreading the money around for small favors it’s time to dole out the cash for this one big favor. Become speaker and make the changes you need.”

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Trump has been busy campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination and currently enjoys the frontrunner status, though his numbers have been slipping since the September 16 debate on CNN. While answering questions from reporters earlier Friday, all Trump would say about the news regarding Boehner is that he thought it as time for him to step down.

Boehner has not publicly endorsed anyone as his successor, though he did say Rep. McCarthy would make a good speaker. No word on whether Boehner would entertain the thought of Trump as the next speaker, though.

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