Bastien shares life story in new one-person play

Stephen Bastien, A Championship Life, a one-person play

Stephen Bastien, A Championship Life, a one-person play

To honor families everywhere, we are pleased to announce that Stephen R. Bastien, successful entrepreneur, businessman, and writer will be performing his one person play, “A Championship Life,” as part of the 18th Annual Fillet of Solo Festival presented by Lifeline Theatre beginning this Saturday at 4pm at the Heartland Studio venue, 7016 N. Glenwood Avenue in the Roger’s Park neighborhood.

Mr. Bastien’s performances will be on Saturday from 10 through 24 January at 4pm.

A Championship Life is directed by acclaimed director, Mary Beth Reynard Liss.

In this engaging work, Mr. Bastien, who was the last child committed to a tuberculosis sanitarium at the age of 11, expelled from Catholic High School and kicked out of his home at age 16 after rejecting the sexual advances of a priest, and who lost family members to tragedy and addiction, shares his life experiences in an engaging presentation of wit, humor, and original song.

Through his message of hope and perseverance, we come to learn that we all can overcome our darkest hours, and actually emerge triumphant.

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