Block these scam websites

You can help prevent spamming and uninvited advertising by blocking the following websites using your browser.

Using an extension like Adblock Plus, you can prevent sites like these:

Block spammers

Block spammers

You can also download Kaspersky Anti-Virus and also Norton to fight these scam advertising websites.

Make sure to include these sites in your list of sites to block.

Check your software for instructions on how to include these websites to ensure that they are prevented from opening and harassing you when you use the Internet.

The problem with Kaspersky is that they are geniuses at designing software, but they are idiots when it comes to making it user friendly. Like all computer techie geeks, they have no sense of how real human beings operate. They “think” they know but they don’t. So, you purchase a 5 license system for $199 for five computers but no one at Kaspersky is intelligent enough to provide a simple LINK on your browser so you can EASILY INSTALL the FIVE PROGRAMS YOU PURCHASED … but they are not SMART ENOUGH to do that.

Still, you need these idiots. But it explains why the hackers are so good at hacking the computer systems of the public. It’s too bad the hackers don’t take over security and put the security programmers out of businesses purely on the basis of their lack of intelligence.