From the Right: Christmas Lists and Thoughts

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Everyone makes Christmas lists this time of year. Here is my list to benefit everyone in Illinois…and a few back home.

by Justin Shimko

It’s that time of year where children are excited for Santa’s arrival all throughout North America and beyond. Parents, siblings, grandparents, and many others will be sending out their lists to whomever asks for it, hoping to see at least one thing wrapped in pretty paper come Christmas Day. I have such a list nowadays, but for a long time that was not the case.

Christmas Lists for under the treeCome Thanksgiving Day, my mother would ask what I want for Christmas. Most of the time I would reply “I don’t know” and cause greater stress on her shopping experience for Black Friday. Now, I send her the link to a wish list and she still avoids buying something from it. I don’t blame her, really. Christmas lists from Amazon and other places really diminish the joy of the hunt for something that speaks volumes to the receive. It basically exclaims “You must buy me a gift this season and it shall be from these specific items on my Christmas list. Anything else is unsatisfactory.”

Instead, I would rather provide a Christmas list of what would be great for 2015. This Christmas list is not so much an itemization of what I want to happen to me, per say, but instead what I would like to see happen to everyone. So, just in time for the Christmas holiday, I present my Christmas list. Please note this isn’t in order of importance.

1. Bruce Rauner is sworn in as governor and immediately lays out a plan to eliminate Illinois’ debt by the end of his term in January 2019.

2. A new Comptroller is appointed in without any political underhandedness.

3. The Chicago Cubs overcome the Curse of the Goat and make at least one scene of Back to the Future II come true by winning the World Series (still waiting on my hoverboard).

4. The Chicago Bears fire head coach Marc Trestman, along with GM Phil Emery, beginning an extensive search for a new head coach.

5. California’s years-long drought finally ends, bringing lush green valleys and full lakes back to the Sunshine State.

6. After their three-week search, the Bears announce Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops as their new helmsman.

7. Bruce Rauner, after six months on the job, realizes the Illinois budget is too hard to overcome. He then proceeds return to his post as chairman of GTCR and begins a hostile takeover of the Prairie State.

8. After an extensive search of three days, Oklahoma announces former offensive coordinator Mark Mangino as the new head coach.

9. 2015 ends with GTCR-Illinois’ debt half of what it was in 2014 because of heavy investment in sports apparel companies, especially the makers of Cubs World Series Champion shirts and Bears North Division Champions sweatshirts.

10. The Chicago Bears end the season 10-5 and sitting atop the North, having vanquished Green Bay at home and on the road.

11. Oklahoma ends the season 12-0 and the top seed in the College Football Playoffs.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Justin Shimko

Justin Shimko is an award-winning writer and political analyst. He began as a reporter in his college days at the University of Oklahoma, writing for The Oklahoma Daily (rated as one of the best collegiate newspapers in the nation) and The Oklahoman, the statewide newspaper, winning awards from the CSPA and the Society of Professional Journalists. He later moved on to research and writing work for a number of political campaigns. His email is [email protected]

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