Corage: The Truth About Your Answers

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Some answers bring more than just a response to the question asked, but an enlightenment of what is inside you dying to get out and change the world.

By Sally Eames

Answers are like buttons, there are many of them around.One of the things I love about coaching is how smart my clients are. I’ll ask them a question about their situation or story or obstacles, and they’ll pause and then give an answer that takes my breath away with its wisdom and simplicity.

Realize coaching isn’t is consulting. I’m not here as a coach to give my advice. Mostly because what I think might be best for you might not be at all what you need. The decisions and discoveries that you make about what you want will always serve you better than my ideas.

Time and gain, my clients prove me right in that belief. Consider the client who ended a session agreeing to spend the next couple of weeks asking the question, “What do I owe myself?” And reported back to me the next time we met that their answer wasn’t “more sleep,” as I’d thought they would, but instead “I need to end a toxic relationship. So I did.”

Or take the client who suddenly answered “I need to stop focusing on what I don’t have. That’s just reminding me I’m unhappy. I’m going to start focusing on what I LOVE about my life and trust that the relationship will come.”

Or the client who said, “I’ve been stopping myself from moving forward because I don’t know what I want to say. But if I move forward, the words will come.”

Here’s the thing: you know who you are and deep in your heart you know what you want. But somewhere along the line, you’ve stepped into your own way. You’ve believed the people who told you you couldn’t—or shouldn’t—do what you love, you’ve found reasons to be afraid, you’ve decided that you deserve failure (or just not success), or you’ve denied the things you’ve longed for for so long that you’ve lost your own way.

A good coach will help you rediscover that passion and ask the questions that allow you give voice to your own answers, to create and shape your own story, one that speaks to the your heart. Because that thing you long for: that’s a gift you and only you can give. It is your special touch to change the world in some meaningful way. What a loss in this world if it’s left ungiven.

What’s your secret dream?

What is your unique gift?

What truth have you told yourself this week?

Sally Eames, CPCC, ACC operates Corage Coaching. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active coach and a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute. She is also an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach. For the full text of this column, please visit her blog. For more information on her work as a Co-active coach, please visit her site at

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