Corage: Being Grateful - Saying Thank You

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As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, it’s important to take the time and say Thank You to the many things worth being grateful for in life.

By Sally Eames

To round out my month of gratitude, I want to take a moment to list the things I’m grateful for. I think it’s important.


Being grateful is always important in life

I’m grateful to be able to live the way I choose.

I’m grateful for a healthy mind and a healthy body.
I’m grateful for my partner, our relationship, and the ways in which we help each other become better than we believe we can.
I’m grateful for my family. For the safe, loving childhood I had.
I’m grateful for my beautiful, smart, funny nephew.
I’m grateful for my communities. I have so many people in my life to love who love me back.
I’m grateful for my beautiful Quickly, the small, elderly, screaming, black cat I live with. She makes me laugh regularly, and fills my heart to bursting with her genuineness constantly.
I’m grateful for my clients. For their trust, their honesty and their incredible strength, resilience and overall awesomeness.
I’m grateful for the people who show up in my life just as I need them.
I’m grateful for the opportunities that are coming my way.
I’m grateful for the challenges I’ve met, and for the ability to rise to and surmount them.
I’m grateful for my education.
I’m grateful for my home.
I’m grateful to live in this beautiful city.
I’m grateful to have a voice.
I’m grateful to know who I am.
I’m grateful for boundaries
I’m grateful simply to be alive.

What are you grateful for today?

Sally Eames, CPCC, ACC operates Corage Coaching. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active coach and a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute. She is also an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach. For the full text of this column, please visit her blog. For more information on her work as a Co-active coach, please visit her site at

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