LifeRun Emergency Alert System gives help wherever you are

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LifeRun Emergency Alert Systems offers you the peace of mind and fast medical assistance in an emergency

LifeRun-300x300It’s the only system that allows direct voice-to-voice communications from anywhere in your home

It’s not enough to hope that someone reaches you in an emergency. You need to be sure. You need to know right away that in a moment of crisis that someone has been notified and they are on their way.

That’s not always the case with traditional medical alert system that are on the market today that offer an intercom that is fixed in one location in your home. If you are not within range of the speaker, you are left with the only option to press the emergency button to signal an emergency.

The monitoring service may not know exactly what’s wrong if they can’t speak with you directly.

That’s where a new emergency alerting system called LifeRun Medical Alert Systems steps in to offer you not only fast and professional support, but direct one-on-one verbal communications no matter where you might be in or outside of your home.

Being able to speak directly to the monitoring service from any location, inside or outside of your home, in any emergency is the cornerstone of the success of a LifeRun Medical Alert Systems.

“When you have an emergency, you want to know right away that someone is responding properly and appropriately for your circumstance,” said Wally Salem, the President of LifeRun Medical Alert Systems which has a growing client base throughout the country.

“With LifeRun Medical Alert System, you not only can press the button to alert the monitoring system that you are in need of emergency support, but you can also speak with them through the amulet you can wear around your neck or clip to your clothing or clip to your walker or place next to your bed,” Salem explains.

“With other systems that rely on a stationary intercom unit, the unit is usually placed in the kitchen, centrally located. But if you are in the bedroom, or maybe downstairs or even outside of the house in the backyard or garden, you can’t use the intercom to speak with the monitoring service when you have an emergency. That’s a huge disadvantage that I realized had to be overcome.”

Wally Salem said he designed LifeRun Medical Alert System so that the user would have the comfort of knowing immediately by speaking with someone that help is on the way, and also the added benefit of being able to explain what the situation is to help the service decide if an ambulance is required or if you might need someone from your family or a neighbor to come and help you.

“Oftentimes, people simply need someone to help them get up if they have fallen. They may not be injured. Or, they may be feeling lost. Many times they just wanted their son or daughter called, or even a neighbor to come by and help them,” Salem noted.

“We keep a list of their contacts and reach out to them when it is appropriate. But, our monitoring staff are professionally trained to know when an emergency is needed. And when you are in an emergency and in need, you are going to feel the comfort of knowing that someone has responded and an emergency team is on its way.

“When you can’t speak directly with the monitoring system, you won’t know. You hope. And that is not comforting to someone who is in pain or trauma or in fear for their life,” Salem said.

Salem said that he got the idea for the system when two very specific incidents occurred in his own life.

Several years ago, when he purchased a condo on North Sheridan Road in Chicago, the neighbor told him that the prior owner was a surgeon at Swedish Covenant Hospital who had an emergency. No one knew anything because he lived alone and he couldn’t contact anyone.

“The neighbor said she saw that his newspapers were piling up on his front door and she hadn’t seen him in many days so she called the police after trying to contact him,” Salem recalls.

“When the police came, they found him lying on the floor only a few feet away form the door. He had been dead for several days and no one knew. And he was a doctor. A surgeon. It was very tragic.”

A few years later, Salem said, his daughter purchased a home and learned that the prior owner, who was single and a stockbroker in Downtown Chicago, had also had an emergency.

“Again, it was a neighbor who called police to say that she thought something was wrong because he lived alone and she hadn’t seen him in many days. When the police arrived, they saw him through a window lying on the floor,” Salem recalled.

“He was alive but apparently had been on the ground helpless like that for three days. They rushed him to Christ Hospital but unfortunately he did not survive.”

Salem says that he knows his emergency monitoring device, LifeRun Emergency Alert System, would have saved both of their lives.

“It just makes me feel very badly that two people who had attained so much success in their lives couldn’t protect their own lives in an emergency situation. Imagine what that means for everyday people who need help,” Salem said.

If you or a loved one need information on LifeRun Emergency Alert Systems, you can call toll-free 1-800-421-3366. Or, you can go online and get more information by visiting their website at


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