Reporting In, Sir: Housing for veterans showcased

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Reporting In, Sir: Housing for veterans showcased

By Jerry Field, Army Veteran

"Reporting in, Sir!" Columnist and Veterans Affairs Editor Jerry Field

“Reporting in, Sir!” Columnist and Veterans Affairs Editor Jerry Field

A housing option now available, another forthcoming

Two major housing projects for Veterans were in the spotlight this week. The expansion of the Illinois Medical District (IMD) Guest House at 1933 West Polk Chicago offers affordable rooms for friends and family members of patients travel to receive medical care at Chicago area hospitals. The Guest House’s primary service is for housing Veterans who is treated on an out- patient basis and require daily attention. Located in the center of the IMD Guest House is just across the street from the Jesse Brown VA Hospital, just a block away from the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Science System and near Rush University Medical Center.

Guest House each month provides 550 nights affordable lodging near the medical near facilities. There are sixteen room exclusively designed for cancer patients referred by the American Cancer Society from any of the Chicago area hospitals through the support of the Editha House Foundation. The remaining guest rooms are sponsored by the partner medical institutions in the IDM.

The rooms have been recently been updated and offer a sleeping room, a small kitchen and a living room with a Lazy Boy convertible couch and a modern TV screen. The facility also provides a lounge with food service is available from several University of Illinois restaurants and cafeterias. Each guest pays $60.00 per night, with a comfort fund available to provide financial assistance for those in need of financial assistance.

For additional information call 312 996 1167

Governor Patrick Quinn and a group of Illinois Veterans representing various Veterans organizations announced the ground breaking of a 70.5 million dollar Illinois Veterans Home on Chicago’s north side at Forest Preserve Drive and Oak Park Avenue. The five story building with 200 rooms will feature single occupancy rooms with private bathrooms and a common area for dining and meeting areas for visitors.

The funding was obtained from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offering 45.8 million of the total costs. Construction is expected to be completed on the five stories building in spring of 2016.

The Illinois Veterans Home at Chicago as the building will be named according to Rodrigo Garcia, acting director of the IDVA.   The facility will be operated by the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs. The IDVA also operates Veterans homes in Anna, LaSalle Manteno and Quincy.

On Tuesday November 11, Veterans Day, World War II, Korean Conflict and Viet Nam veteran are invited to the Lake Country Courthouse in Waukegan, IL to meet with volunteer/interviewers and have their oral history recorded by an official court reporter that will produce transcript of their interviews for the Library of Congress. The firsthand account will be archived in the American Folk Centers at the Library of Congress for use by researchers and to serve as an inspiration for generations too young to have understand the fight for freedom and the realize that the by word of the Korean conflict was “Freedom is not Free”. The key note speaker will be Al Lynch, Medal of Honor recipient of the Viet Nam Way. For information phone Carol Cord, Administrative Assistant to the Chief Judge of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit at 847 377 3771.

Jerry Field

Veteran's Affairs Editor at Illinois News Online
Jerry Field is an award winning Chicago writer and former military veteran. Email him at [email protected]