REPORTING IN, SIR: Veterans Choice cards will help with long waits

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By Jerry Field

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Injuries incurred by service members are cover...

Injuries incurred by service members are covered by the Veteran Administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stars and Stripes reports that the Department of Veterans Affairs plans to issue a ‘Veteran’s Choice Card.’ The new card will buy care from non-VA care providers for veterans if they face long waits for VA care — defined initially as more than 30 days — or if they reside more than 40 miles from VA care. The intent is to eliminate VA patient wait lists. The new card will be an informational insurance card to be presented to non-VA health care providers to identify the veteran and to verify eligibility for episodes of care that, sometime earlier, were arranged through and approved by a VA care coordinator. For more information contact your VA hospital service representative.

The American Legion will be streaming live several events from its 96th National Convention, Aug. 22-28, in Charlotte, N.C. These events include: (1) Color Guard Competition - Aug. 22, 5 p.m.; (2) Memorial Service - Aug. 24, 11 a.m.; (3) General Session Day 1 - Aug. 26, 8 a.m.; (4) General Session Day 2 - Aug. 27, 9 a.m.; and (5) General Session Day 3 - Aug. 28, 9 a.m. All times are Eastern Standard Time, and are tentative and/or subject to change. The events will be streamed live on the American Legion Livestream webpage. Visit the for stories, videos and photos during the national convention.

The American Legion wants an investigation of all DoE-contracted student loan servicers that have lent to service members, not just the servicer that is known to have violated federal law. In letters written to House and Senate leaders, the Legion has requested that both chambers of Congress implore the Department of Education to audit all of its contracted private lenders that have lent to service members for potential violations of the Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA). If you are a student veteran who feels that you have been misled by a student loan servicer in applying for student loans or receiving benefits under the SCRA, email [email protected] and explain the incident.

Another item that Veterans should be checking: If the Veterans in colleges are receiving in-district tuition rates at state and community colleges. This item can mean a large saving in tuition costs. If you are on a scholarship dollar allotment, this can be the difference between having enough allotment to finish a Masters or you will pay for classes  yourself.  As far back as 2011 Governor Quinn signed a resolution asking all state funded colleges to award in-district tuition to all Veterans and military. Part of the resolution was to have a Veteran representative on each college campus. Many colleges transferred its financial officers to serve as Veterans representatives. The spirt of the resolution was to have Veterans dealing with Veterans not financial aid persons dealing with veterans. .Few colleges have complied. If you are a Veteran check on your tuition bill and who is scheduling your classes and course work toward a degree.

2014 MOAA/NDIA Warrior-Family Symposium Sept. 10, in Washington, DC addresses warrior transitions & challenges. The 2014 Warrior-Family will address the matters and needs that currently serving, veterans, their children, spouses and caregivers face when navigating the transition from the military into a civilian environment while managing challenges of combat/ operational stress, mental health or behavioral health care concerns. Sign up today for the FREE event today.

If your Veteran’s organization is having a meeting or event, send a posting to [email protected] about a week in advance.  ONWARD

Jerry Field

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