Town of Cicero launches campaign to woo seniors to their community

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Town of Cicero launches campaign to woo seniors to their community

Cicero cites wide array of services that go beyond what is offered by other communities

Cicero Seniors prepare foods for Civil War re-enactment

Cicero Seniors prepare foods for Civil War re-enactment

(Cicero, Illinois) — Over the years, word has gotten out about how much the Town of Cicero does for its senior citizens.

Most seniors have a tough time, not just because of their age but because of their retirement and leaving the workforce. Their income is limited. As time goes on, what started out as a decent retirement paycheck, either through a work pension plan or through just Social Security, has become inadequate.

The increases don’t keep up with the reality of the “cost of living” which continues to increase.

That’s one reason why the Town of Cicero offers its Senior Citizens programs and support that you will not find in most other communities not just in Illinois but across the country.

In Cicero, an individual is recognized as a senior citizen when they reach the age of 62. In some cases, services begin at age 55.

These are some of the services Cicero offers its Senior Community:

  • Snow shoveling of property sidewalks and driveways lawn upkeep services including mowing, handyman services, repairing everyday problems such as plumbing, minor heating and air conditioning and carpentry
  • Grants for home improvements of up to $500
  • free daily transportation (to locations inside and outside Cicero) including pick-up from their homes not only to Cicero sponsored events, but to their doctor’s office, the grocery store, and shopping
  • daily and weekly activities where seniors can socialize with other seniors including trips to casinos, plays, movies, shopping trips,
  • Town hosted luncheons for holidays including St. Patrick’s Day
  • Two specialized Senior Departments: Senior Services to address senior needs, and Senior Activities to provide a full schedule of events and programs
  • Free participation for seniors in the town’s frequent employment and job fairs to assist seniors in supplementing their retirement income
  • We offer Free continuing education seminars and classes at our new Community Center.
Cicero Golden Years Advertisement

Cicero Golden Years Advertisement

When it comes to the needs of Senior Citizens, Cicero Cares. Cicero is a Senior Friendly community.

On top of all of the services, Cicero has created an environment to makes their lives enjoyable.

If you are a senior citizen and are struggling to make ends meet where you are living today, Cicero urges you to call our Senior Services Director Ryan Chlada today to get more information on how Cicero can help.

Ryan can be reached by calling 708-656-3600 ext 566. Our Senior Activities Director is Sue Banks. If you would like information on what activities we offer, contact her at ext 847. We also have a website at to showcase our senior services and provide support for seniors who live in Cicero and those like you who might be considering relocating to Cicero.

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