Why Dropbox is better than Hightail in uploading and moving large files

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Why Dropbox is better than Hightail in uploading and moving large files

By Ray Hanania

(Editor’s Note. Click here to read my updated column about Hightail by clicking here. A follow up to this column.)

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I’m a computer freak. I program computers, I design websites, and I write. A lot. One of the most important aspects of writing these days is moving large files to and from other writers.

A few years ago, I subscribed to a system called YouSendIt.com. YouSendIt was phenomenal. It was so easy to use. But it was quickly gobbled up by a new company called “HighTail” at Hightail.com. Hightail is one of the absolute worst systems I have ever used. It’s all about taking money out of your pocket, and it is very unreliable.

I also use Drop Box and truthfully, Drop Box is a far better system. Using DropBox.com, I can easily move photos, and send them by link to anyone. It’s a part of my annual cost which is $99. Not only can I send files, but I can store files. I also don’t have to go online to access DropBox. I can do it right from my computer as if it were a Directory on my computer. All of my computers, PCs, MACBook Pro, iPads, iPhones and more. More than 200 GB of space.

I can easily create a folder, pop as many files as I want into the folder, and then send the folder to anyone so they can EASILY download the files.

That’s not the case with Hightail, which is driven by greed and profit. Their priority is not to help you use their system. It is to force you to pay them money. If the system worked, I’d use it. But it doesn’t work consistently.

Friends who have Hightail can send me photos that I can download, but only if they have the Hightail Pro system for $99 a year. They send files to me and I can download them. But when you use the $49 members, you can send files to people, but people who receive them HAVE TO HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION.

That’s not the case with DropBox. Anyone can receive photos that I send to them without paying DropBox $99 a year to receive the files.

With Hightail, you MUST have a paid subscription not only to send people files, but to download them.

But the system doesn’t work.

I sent a colleague 2 dozen photos todays and copied myself. I received the email saying I have files. I clicked the link, and the first thing is says is that I have to “subscribe” to download them. I login, and then the system “forgets” the email link and I can no longer find the files.

When I start over, it offers me the opportunity to “SAVE” the files to a dropbox account, or DOWNLOAD them.

But when I go to download them, the system takes me to a list of old files that were sent months ago.

Are you people stupid at Hightail, or just uncaring?

Drop Hightail and get DropBox. You will save yourself a lot of hassles when trying to upload and transfer large files. Hightail doesn’t work. It’s a hassle. It’s annoying. It’s freaking stupid.

Can I be plainer in my explanation?

He’s the visual sequence of Hightail.com failure:


This (above) is what you get in your email

When you click “View File,” This is what you get (below):


When you click Download, this is what you get (below):


SO I Log in again, and this is where it takes you next (below):


Which is worthless. Where are my files? I put them in a subdirectory, but they are not there. I click SAVE IN HIGHTAIL, and this is where it then takes me (below):


Right next to each of the 24 files is a “download” icon, which means you have to download each file one at a time, rather than downloading them all at once to your hard drive so you can view them and select the ones you want to use for your story or publication. That’s so worthless.

You are so GONE Hightail.com. I’m hightailing out of here.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning former Chicago City Hall reporter and columnist. He is editor of the Illinois News Network Online www.IllinoisNewsNetwork.com.)


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