Brannigan and GOP candidates will make races interesting

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Brannigan and GOP candidates will make races interesting


Southwest News-Herald Newspaper, Thursday, June 12, 2014

RayHananiaColumnBoxI’ve known Sharon Brannigan a long time. She owns one of Orland Park’s best flower shops, Sherry’s, where I often buy flowers for family, friends and especially to remember my mom on Mother’s Day.

I hadn’t spoken to her in a long time, but last week at the Orland Days Parade, which had a strong Republican presence that included the powerful and popular Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth “Liz” Doody-Gorman, Brannigan and her husband walked up to me to say hi.

Now, a lot of politicians intentionally avoid me, which is fine. As a writer, many don’t appreciate the U.S. Constitution, the First Amendment, free speech, or loyalty. So, I understand when a congressman walks up to where my wife and I are sitting, grimaces, and then walks on without giving my 13-year-old son candy at the parade.

Brannigan, who is the Republican candidate for the 3rd District congressional seat, is different. She came up and said hello. It didn’t matter that I had never written about her before, good or bad.

Sharon Brannigan at the Orland Days Parade with her husband

Sharon Brannigan at the Orland Days Parade with her husband

“I read your column all the time,” she said and reached out to shake my hand.

Wow. Respect from someone in politics? I’m not used to it. Usually all I get are whiny complaints from congressmen, legislators, aldermen and others wanting to know why I “criticized” them, as if I am the cause of the criticism.

When you do something stupid, you get criticized.

The best politicians are the ones who can take the criticism and brush it off. The worst are the little babies who think the world owes them a career and a pay check.

I’ve met some tough politicians. Those are the ones I usually work with now as a media consultant. I admire the way they brush off criticism for what it is, just one person’s opinion, and they do what they believe.

Brannigan has a tough, uphill battle for sure, and that’s despite some great issues on her website at:

Yet, even if someone doesn’t win, they can act with honor and respect for voters, raising important issues and forcing incumbents to stand up and speak out on the issues that impact our lives as taxpayers.

Click here to go to Sharon Brannigan’s Facebook Page. Here is her website is And here is her Twitter Account.

Other Republican races of note

Shaun Murphy announced his own uphill candidacy for the Illinois Senate in the 18th District.

Murphy is a CPA and vice president of the Evergreen Park Community High School District 231 School Board. He is also the Worth Township Republican Committeeman.

“I look forward to providing a real choice for the voters on the November ballot and a healthy debate of the issues affecting our local community and Springfield throughout the campaign,” Murphy stated.

Murphy continued, “My campaign will focus on the issues that matter most to our community: job creation, lower taxes, term limits and responsible government spending.”

Murphy believes his background as a forensic Certified Public Accountant and a former small business owner provides him with the skills necessary to attack the budget issues confronting the state.

Murphy concluded, “The status quo of one party rule in Springfield is simply not working. I hope to provide a competent, in dependent voice to Springfield that properly represents the Southwest Side and Suburbs of Chicago.”

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