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Elections 2016

Blame non-voters for state’s problems

Blame non-voters for state’s problems. Everyone is complaining about Illinois’ poor economic situation, the excess spending and the skyrocketing taxes. But the majority of people complaining don’t even take the time to vote By Ray Hanania Last week’s column hammering the stupid idea of term limits brought on a lot of emails from readers. And I thank them for sharing their views. Most said they…

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A teenager’s view of Israel

A teenager’s view of Israel By Aaron Hanania As you may or may not know, I went to Israel last December. I found I had taken over 20 Hours of footage and realized I needed to make a Documentary about my trip! And, thats exactly what I did. I want to show people what the “real” Israel is like, not what the news media shows….

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American English rocks the house in Orland Park

I couldn’t define my life without a mention of the Beatles, from their first hit song (Love Me Do) in 1962 when I was nine years old until today, their music has real meaning. Losing John Lennon first to Yoko Ono and then to gun violence and George Harrison to cancer struck a real hard blow. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still going strong but…

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The Nation

It’s the news media, Stupid!

It’s the news media, stupid! Playing golf or politics with people’s suffering in the Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton presidential election. The hypocrisy is screaming out loud By Ray Hanania The flood damage in Louisiana is considered one of the worst American natural disasters since Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. More than 40,000 homes have been seriously damaged or destroyed by the…

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Opinion: Term Limits deny voters their rights

Term Limits deny voters their rights. But Term Limits may soon see a casualty in the demise of the failed administration of Gov. Bruce Rauner in November 2018 By Ray Hanania Every time a failed politician or a failed group of activists don’t get their way, they stamp their feet and whine like little babies that they want to impose “term limits.” “Term limits” basically takes…

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Illinois Communities

Orland Park approves 375% increase in mayoral salary

Orland Park approves 375% increase in mayoral salary Nearly 100 residents crowded the Orland Park village hall to complain that the pay hike should be presented to the voters for approval and not the board members, who voted unanimously to hike the salary following two hours of public discussion and debate. By Ray Hanania (Note: You can read my column in the Regional News and the…

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