How much influence did Liz Gorman & suburbs have in Rauner victory?

How much influence did Liz Gorman & suburbs have in Rauner victory? 3.52/5 (70.33%) 91 votes

Bruce Rauner got his start and won the Republican Primary in March as a result of forming an alliance with Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth “Liz” Doody Gorman at the beginning of 2014. Gorman’s endorsement of Rauner over Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard secured Rauner’s GOP sweep. Voter turnout in Gorman’s district and the Cook County suburbs paved the way for Rauner’s victory in the General election

By Ray Hanania

Liz Gorman, Bruce Rauner, Sean Morrison in March 2014

Liz Gorman, Bruce Rauner, Sean Morrison in March 2014

It’s worth analyzing because the truth is that Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth “Liz” Doody Gorman was instrumental in not only helping Rauner to win the March 2014 Republican Primary, but she helped give Rauner the voter cushion in suburban Cook County that prevented Gov. Pat Quinn from winning re-election.

Gorman’s 17th Cook County District consists of 10 of suburban Cook County’s 30 Townships. In analyzing the Township vote totals, it is clear that Quinn did the best in Townships with large African American populations. That fit neatly into Rauner’s campaign strategy which focused primarily on courting the African American vote and the Union votes.

Normally, that strategy works well for Illinois Democrats who can win election by taking only four of the state’s 102 counties, including Cook County. But this election, Rauner won 100 of the 101 counties leaving Quinn to win only one, Cook County, by a far lower vote total than he won four years before.

It didn’t work this election mainly because Rauner had the backing of one of suburban Cook County’s most popular elected officials, Liz Gorman, and because Quinn took the suburban vote for granted.

After Gorman endorsed Bruce Rauner in early 2014, leading Rauner to win the primary and defeating Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady, Rauner was able to focus a significant part of his campaign on wooing voters in Gorman’s 17th District which runs through the heart of suburban Cook County like a bowling alley from Wheeling Township in the north to Orland Township in the south.

An analysis of unofficial votes cast in the Nov 4, 2014 General Election shows that Rauner won nine of the 10 townships in Gorman’s 17th County District.

That’s significant. When you compare Quinn’s voter support to the support given to fellow Democrat Senator Dick Durbin and other statewide Democrats, you can see that Quinn won 50,000 fewer votes in suburban Cook County than Senator Dick Durbin, who was in a tight race against Republican Jim Oberweis.

In comparison, Rauner on 70,000 more votes than Oberweis. That’s a spread of 120,000 votes that if Democrats could have shifted would have given Quinn the election. In fact, Quinn did worse than several of the state’s Democratic candidates.

Rauner won 142,901 votes in Suburban Cook County just from Gorman’s district, compared to 114,610, a difference of 28,291 votes. That’s just from one-third of suburban Cook County. And it was enough to keep Quinn’s lead down. Quinn only beat Brady in 2010 by 32,000 total votes.

Here’s an overview of the vote totals in the nine Townships Rauner won and the one Township Rauner lost in Gorman’s District:

Elk Grove Township:  
Quinn 39.53 percent, 8,466 votes;
Rauner 58.5 percent, 12,530 votes.

Lemont Township:
Quinn 28.21 percent 2,000 votes;
Rauner 69.65 percent, 4,938 votes.

Lyden Township:  
Quinn 47.16 percent, 7,491 votes;
Rauner 50.11 percent, 7,959 votes.

Lyons Township:
Quinn, 41.86 percent, 12,258 votes;
Rauner 56,14 percent, 16, 439 votes.

Maine Township:   
Quinn 42.21 percent, 14,757 votes;
Rauner 55.77 percent, 19,497 votes.

Northfield Township:   
Quinn 37.16 percent, 10,744 votes;
Rauner 61.87 percent, 17,899 votes.

Orland Township:  
Quinn 35.13 percent, 10,681 votes;
Rauner 63.08 percent, 19,179 votes.

Palos Township:
Quinn 37.93 percent, 5, 798 votes;
Rauner 59.96 percent, 9,165 votes.

* Proviso Township:
Quinn 70.1 percent, 26,658 votes;
Rauner 28.04 percent, 10,664 votes.

Wheeling Township:   
Quinn 38.31 percent, 15,757 votes;
Rauner 59.89 percent, 24,631 votes.

Rauner also bested Brady in his turnout in the collar counties. In Lake County, Rauner received 58 percent of the vote compared to only 50 percent for Brady in 2010. In DuPage County, Rauner received 60 percent of the vote compared to Brady’s 54 percent. In McHenry County, Rauner got 66 percent of the vote while Brady only received 57 percent. And, in Kane County, Rauner received 57 percent of the vote compared to Brady’s 54 percent.

Click here to view a PDF of the 17th District Map

Cook County unofficial Election Results

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